Maintenance Notification

It is the Venue’s/Clients obligation to ensure that the product is regularly maintained to ensure the product is fit for purpose ensuring the patrons safety.

It is the Venue’s/Clients responsibility to ensure that individuals using the gaming stools, chairs, barstools, tables etc (any furniture supplied by Ricmar), comply with the Workplace Health And Safety regulations, do not sit incorrectly, swing, rock, misuse, abuse or otherwise deface the products.

Any maintenance performed on any of our products by an outside party, regardless of their expertise, voids the warranty / Fit for purpose/safety of the product and Ricmars legal responsibility for any injury caused as Ricmar is unable to guarantee a third party repair is compliant.

Any repairs made to products that are not manufactured by Ricmar, Ricmar is only liable for repairs made to the product, and NOT for any fault of or caused by the product.

Product care/fabric care: Any use of harsh cleaners or any solvent will damage the surface and void any warranty. Do not use abrasive cleaners, steel wool or cleaners containing solvents, gasoline, petroleum distillates, plasticisers or concentrated bleach. These have the potential to damage the fabric surface and void the guarantee. For spot cleaning lightly brush or sponge with warm soapy water (dishwashing liquid).

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